About Us

Akeld Entertainment was founded in 2015 by Matthew John-Lawrence Culley to make great classic style games, the kind you remember from your childhood. We have experience making both 2d pixel art games as well as modern 3d games and a great passion for gaming!

Ouroboros Vandaleria

Ouroboros Vandaleria is a love letter to the action adventure games and rpgs of the 16 bit era. Ouroboros Vandaleria is the story of a young boy born into an obscure family in a remote farming village in the vast Gothic Empire.

Project Mars

Project Mars is a 3D platformer inspired by the 3D platformers of your childhood. Our goal is to create a brand new 3D platformer with compact, unique levels, memorable characters, and a variety of different challenges too!

Wake Walkers

Cryptids walk the Earth in the wake of humanity, clandestinely cleaning up the messes that humans cannot. This is the story of the Wake Walkers, an elite superhero team of cryptids tasked with preventing the takeover of Earth by a secret.


A superhero story about a telekinetic superhero known as “Neuron” who gains telekinetic powers following an emergency brain surgery. His alter ego is Henry Lawrence, an officer in the United States Air Force whose flying career was cut short following a devastating.

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